Institute get device(RFID Scanner) capable of tracking Students/ Teachers movement inside Institute. This actually creates attendance automatically and generate attendance report for class/ batch. Further it can show ​ attendance percentage for each student. More importantly this notifies​ (send Email, SMS,APP notifications) to ​ parents​ when student enters/ exits Institute. That address the students safety issue. This feature helps remove attendance register work, saves student/ teacher time. Institutes using this feature are considered high tech, more advanced and get more traction from parents.

How can I enable student attendance for my Institute/School/College/Coaching?

You can enable student attendance by following few simple steps and our representative would guide you for the same.

Device, Software and Installation charges

1. RFID Scanner Device.

: Free

2. Installation and Student onboarding charges.

: Free

3. Service Charges.

: Free

4. EduHorizon premium membership for 1 year.

: Free

5. RFID badge ID + Notification to parent.

: INR 60 + 30 = 90.00 per piece

Note​ :
  • Items 1, 2, 3, 4 are free on the purchase of minimum 50 RFID badges.

  • Extra RFID Scanner devices charges INR 1500.00.

  • Service is free however hardware replacement charges should needs to be paid.

  • Lost RFID badge reissue charges INR 200.00.

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